The Power Stick


This stick model is designed for those with moderately increased body mass. It is 27" long with 16 therapeutic spindles and has black hand grips.

As with all stick massage tools, they are used to locate and extinguish latent trigger points with the same ease as active trigger points. This is accomplished by gently rolling the smooth, center-balanced segments back and forth over the entire length of the tender, shortened muscle bundle. This easy-to-perform procedure rapidly calms the reflex mechanism, relaxing the muscle bundle. The resultant myofascial release encourages good circulation, increases range of motion and relieves pain. Trigger points can be temporarily extinguished in about 30 seconds.

The physiology behind The Stick/Intracell Technology is:

* Simultaneously compresses and stretches muscle. Fluid changes activate increased assimilation of oxygen-laden and nutrient-rich blood.

* A typical warm-up or warm-down of healthy muscle requires about 20 progressively deeper passes over individual muscle groups. . .about 30 seconds per group.

* Trigger points are contracted bundles of muscle. They restrict blood flow. There are no trigger points in healthy muscles.

* "Ouch" pain is felt if the instrument locates a trigger point - recognized as bumpy, tender knots in muscles. Trigger points are usually chronic.

* Muscles containing trigger points are weak, stiff and tender. They feel tight, fatigue quickly, and often hurt. Active trigger points cause constant pain, but latent trigger points cause pain/discomfort when pressure is applied.

* When trigger points are found - an additional 20 progressively deeper passes are directed.

* The stick allows you to locate what feels tight and roll it until it feels loose. The goal is to restore muscle memory.

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